District 15

The Pulaski County Quorum Court is comprised of Justices of the Peace from fifteen districts in Pulaski County. Each district is represented by one Justice of the Peace.

District 15 is located within North Little Rock.

Zip codes in District 15 include:
  • 72116
  • 72118
*The entire zip code regions are not within District 15, but portions of these zip codes are

Curious to find out if you live in District 15?
Note: Even if you don't live within District 15, if you live within Pulaski County at all the JP from this district's votes can still affect you and your family. If you don't live within Pulaski County (or even Arkansas), keeping up with Shane and supporting him is still a great opportunity to support a true conservative candidate who stands for fiscal responsibility and a limited and accountable government.

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