Your contribution and support are humbly accepted and appreciated! Please know that Shane will steward resources contributed to this campaign with honor, faithfulness and purpose. Thank you so much. (If you are an Arkansas resident, make sure to read this note)

Contribute via POSTAL MAIL

1. Please print out this form:

Campaign Contribution Form (PDF)

2. Mail it with your contribution to:

Shane Stacks Campaign
7305 Pontiac Dr.
North Little Rock, AR 72116

Note: Please make checks out to "Shane Stacks Campaign." Thank you!

Contribute ONLINE 

Amount:       $

Employer &
(To comply with State law we must obtain your employment information. If not employed, please enter "none".)

NOTE FOR ARKANSAS RESIDENTS (hint: this is a good thing!)

If you are an Arkansas resident, contributions to the Shane Stacks Campaign up to $50 per taxpayer and $100 for a joint return can be credited to your state income taxes (see below).

State law requires that the campaign report the name, address, occupation and employer of any person or entity contributing over $50 to the campaign.

This credit provides for an individual income tax credit of up to $50 per taxpayer ($100 for a joint return) for cash contributions made by the taxpayer in a taxable year to one or more of the following:
  • A candidate seeking nomination or election to a public office or to the candidate’s campaign committee;
  • or An approved political action committee;
  • or An organized political party.
For the purposes of this credit, “Public Office” means any office created by or under the authority of the laws of the State of Arkansas, or of a subdivision thereof, that is filled by the voters. Examples include state, city, county, school districts, etc. The credit does not apply to contributions made to candidates for federal offices. Taxpayers claiming the credit must complete Form AR1800 and attach it to your return.
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